Recycling with Steven Seigel

Over the course of 2019, Providence's public arts group, The Avenue Concept, diverted over 250 pounds of spent bicycle inner tubes bound for the landfill into a sculptural work by artist Steven Siegel. In October Steven and TAC installed this bulging monolith of reclaimed waste, made of assorted colored plastics, including detergent bottles, plastic netting and bicycle inner tubes in the city's newly beautified downcity waterfront district. You really need to experience this installation for yourself to appreciate the scale of plastic waste. Thank you to Bonnie, Brian, and Yarrow for engaging with us to contribute to this piece of public art.

Creating with reclaimed materials is just one way to reduce the burden on our landfills. Installations like this have an uncanny beauty, that also serves as a reminder that we can all do more to reduce our waste footprint.

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