Holiday Gift Guide

We've added all kinds of good stuff to get ready for the season of gifting, and did our best to come up with some easy recommendations for gifts and stocking stuffers for active and casual cyclists, alike. Plus, we've come up with some special offers to help inspire your gifting needs, or just to treat yourself. *Buy any 3 pairs of socks, and get 1 pair of our choice, in your size, for free while supplies last. **Spend $100 on gifts and accessories, online or in-store, and get a free "Thank You for Sharing the Road" tote bag. ***If you prefer the safe social distancing method of online shopping, use code CURBSIDEPICKUP at checkout, and we'll package your order and have it ready for pickup with minimal contact.



Floyd's of Leadville CBD

Floyd's of Leadville makes more than excellent CBD gems. Relax and recover with their full line of balms, transdermal lotion, hydration mix and recovery shakes in individual servings for on-the-go, and ten serving packages so you can prepare ahead of time. Floyd's transdermal lotion is a game changer for sore and cramped muscles, before and after a ride. Floyd's products are available in-store only.

Water Bottles

We should be drinking about a hundred ounces of water a day, fitness activities notwithstanding. One way to make sure you're staying hydrated for optimum health is to start carrying a water bottle around even when you're off the bike. We have an assortment of bottles, including our brand new 26oz "Ice Water" bottles with Purist technology that will keep your water tasting fresh.




Most years, we wear some variety of gloves from October to April, or even longer if we're out riding in the early morning, or at dusk. DeFeet makes excellent lightweight gloves for riding in temperatures as low as forty degrees (or cooler if you're just out around town). Available in hi-vis colors or a merino blend, and as with all DeFeet products, the Duraglove ET is made in the USA using recycled water bottles.


The gold standard in cycling socks are made in the USA from recycled water bottles. Solid colors to match any bike or kit you've got, or just add a pop of color to your work outfit. Buy any three pairs of socks online or in store, and get a free pair of our choice in your size, while supplies last. 


The sun is always lower in the sky during the winter months, which makes for harsher sunlight at any time of day. We've got affordable eyewear from Tifosi Optics and Goodr, to protect your eyes without breaking the bank. So, take some advice from ZZ Top, and go get yourself some cheap sunglasses. 


 You can never have too many cycling caps. We've got shop caps with a simple "dash" pattern, designed in Providence and manufactured in the USA. We've also got traditional style cycling caps from Still Life, All-City, and more. We've also got Belgian-style wool cycling caps, with a built-in ear flap, from 45N, and DeFeet's winter knit hats made from recycled water bottles, also made in the USA.

Tech Tee

We've taken 20% off the price of our wicking trail tees now through New Year's Eve, no coupon necessary. These are perfect for cycling, running, getting in a workout or just kickin it around the house while binge watching your favorite cooking show.



Bike Wash

Some folks always clean their bike after every long ride, but winter road conditions make that kind of maintenance more critical for all of us. All kinds of salt and grime will build up on your bike frame, and parts, on even the shortest rides, and it never hurts to make sure your bike and components will remain in good condition, longer.

Chain Cleaning Set

It's an easy detail to overlook, but a clean chain is central to the health of your drivetrain. Whether you're riding in the city or on the trails, your chain is going to pick up muck and grime which will wear out your drivetrain more quickly. Keep your chain, and gears, happy with the X-3 Dirty Chain Machine from Muc-Off, designed to work with road, mountain, and commuter bikes.

Chain Lube

A frequently lubricated chain is a happy chain, and will perform better and wear more slowly. Keep entropy at bay with drivetrain lubricants from Finish Line, Muc-Off, and Tri-Flow. We also stock a specially formulated chain lube for e-bikes.

Tubeless Sealant

We recommend that you refresh your tubeless sealant every 2-3 months, especially during the warmer months. We're always glad to perform that service, we know plenty of folks who prefer to do it themselves. For those folks, we've got single-serving sizes of high-performance tubeless sealant, as well as the larger economy size bottle that'll last you a lot longer. 


We just restocked our favorite precision engineered 10 and 19 piece multi-tools from Crank Brothers, online, plus we've got a great selection of tools from Park Tool available in-store.

On-Bike Storage

Keep your tools, spare tubes, patch kits, nutrition, car keys, etc safe and secure while you're out on a ride with a saddle bag, or tool roll designed to hold tight under your saddle rails with a clean minimal look. Prefer something more rigid? Check out the tool keg, a 16oz hard plastic container which fits into a standard bottle cage. Speaking of bottle cages, we know plenty of people who like to carry bottles that are larger than the average cycling bidon, or even a 750ml of cider. And for those folks, we have the Looney Bin expandable bottle cage, from Arundel.



Indoor Trainers

A lot of us are going to be spending more time inside this winter, and you can't stop moving just because the world isn't cooperating. Sometimes you just need to ride inside. Whether you want to chase the pros on a group ride in Zwift, climb the Dolomites in Rouvy or just need a workout, Saris's M2 smart trainer will take you there. All you need is your bike, the M2, your favorite indoor cycling app and the mobile device of your choice.


Dash stocks a variety of cycling shoes from Specialized, with an emphasis on the practical MTB-style shoes which are designed with walking short distances off the bike. Please call or visit the shop for the most up-to-date. selection of sizes and colors.


A quality helmet will help keep that noggin safe when the unexpected happens. We stock helmets from Specialized and Bern to meet the needs of everyone on the road and trails from bike couriers to gravel grinders to casual cruisers to road racers. Treat yourself by treating yourself right.




To see or not to see, that is the question. Once you add lights to your bike, you'll never want to go without. A basic set of lights goes a long way to alert drivers to your presence on the roads and keep you safe, and flashing mode. If there's a chance you're going to find yourself riding on roads that aren't well lit, or if you're out on the trails after dark, the brightest headlight you can find is the way to go.   

Safety Pizza

The world's most delicious safety flag is Safety Pizza. This hi-vis orange flag is shaped like a perfect slice of pizza, with reflective safety yellow crust and a sheet of reflective pepperoni, olive, and mushroom stickers.


There's a debate about whether Spurcycle or Crane bells make the nicest sound, but the sound of a bell is always a nice way to say hello when passing another rider. And the ring of a bell is alway more pleasant call to attention than shouting "on your left" as you overtake another rider on the bike path, or out on your favorite doubletrack trails.

Locking Skewers

Protect your investment by keeping honest people honest, as they say. Locking skewers are just the right amount of deterrent for those of us who need to leave our bikes locked outside while we're at work. 



Bike Computers

Get a handle on your training data with Specialized's Speedzone II. This compact wireless bike computer is an affordable alternative to the expensive GPS computers on the market, and it gives you a reading on basic data like distance, speed, elapsed time, so you don't have to run your phone battery down by running Strava on a long ride in rural areas with limited reception.

Phone Holders

Phones have come a long way as GPS navigation devices. And with apps like RideSpot, Strava, and RideWithGPS, it's now easier than ever to open a route and just follow the cues. We stock a variety of bar-mounted smartphone holders from Delta, no matter which mobile device you're loyal to.

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