Community Action Night at the Nitro Bar

Join The Nitro Bar & Qwear in our shared community space on Thursday, June 6th, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm for a night of advocacy in support of reproductive rights and community wellness. Hear from community leaders, take part in a raffle of goods / services donated by local businesses, and learn what you can do for abortion rights nationwide. 

"Here's the thing, many humans get their periods. Here's the thing, many cis men depend on Planned Parenthood and low cost clinics. Here's the thing, many trans women depend on the services places like Planned Parenthood and community clinics offer. Here's the thing, many if not all trans men need access to the same things cis women do. Here's the thing, limiting or barring access to safe and affordable healthcare and procedures hurts everyone." 
—organizer Ryley Pogensky

Please visit The Nitro Bar for more information.

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