Bivo Dirt Cap

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The food-grade silicone Dirt Cap slips over the nozzle of your Bivo bottle, to keep dirt, or grit, dust, and other unwanted ingredients out
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Going for a ride in dusty, dirty, or muddy conditions? With the all new Dirt Cap from Bivo (aka Dusty) you can keep on riding or hiking or just beaching it up with complete confidence that your hydration won't get muddied with unwanted ingredients. Slip a flexible silicone Dirt Cap around the nozzles of your Bivo bottles, and enjoy your water (or go-to hydration aid) without any unexpected dirt, or grit, or dust. 


-Keeps mud, dirt and grime out of your nozzle
-LFGB compliant food-grade silicone
-Does not affect nozzle function
-One-hand operation
-Fits all Bivo bottles with Gravity Flow nozzles

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