Surly Lightweight Merino Wool Neck Toob

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Tube scarf made from two lightweight layers of merino wool, to enhance the garment's wicking and warming properties. 
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Surly's Lightweight Neck Toob is made from two layers of lightweight 150gsm merino wool, to maximize wicking and warming properties, without being too heavy or constricting. Wear it over your nose and mouth to keep the warm air circulating on colder days.

What is a "neck toob," you ask? It's the lightweight cousin of Surly's "neck gaiter," and it's a versatile article of clothing worn in cooler weather as an insulating layer—slung around your neck like a scarf—to keep the warm air close. You can also pull it up over your face to filter the cold air out when the temperatures drop. The options are limited only by your imagination, plus it’s made from merino wool so you know it’s going to do the trick keeping you warm and safe when the going gets weird. One size fits most necks.

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