Safety Pizza

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Increase your visibility on the road, with reflective roni and mushrooms
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They say that the Safety Pizza is 'the world's most delicious safety device.' We don't know how it tastes, but we do know that it's made in the USA from high-visibility reflective 'crust,' and reflective 'toppings' that you apply yourself! Can't abide mushrooms? Extra pepperoni? The world is your, uh, Safety Pizza.

This hi-vis snack is constructed from a completely waterproof, high-performance non-fraying material that is waterproof and usable in temperatures down to -55°F (if arctic misadventure is your thing).

Serious connoisseurs of pizza know that "char" is a sign of quality and craftsmanship. For you, we have the black-and-white Burnt Slice, with an ultra-reflective black finish. Burnt Slice is made from the same waterproof, high performance, non-fraying materials as the standard Safety Pizza, and is usable in temperatures down to -55°F (may you never ever ever be that cold) With a sophisticated aesthetic and classic feel, this timeless piece is sure to elevate your style and bring you distinguished elegance.

The reflective materials are of the highest quality, meeting worldwide standards for emergency vehicles and first-responder garments.

Safety Pizza is manufactured domestically, in Santa Rosa, CA.


Regular Pizza: 7.5" x 6" (19cm x 15cm)
Small Pizzetta: 5.5" x 5" (14cm x 12cm) 

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