Hope City Zip Hoodie

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Lightweight zip-up hoodie, designed and printed in Providence, RI
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Providence, Rhode Island has always been the capitol city of Hope — the smallest state's appropriately aspirational-but-short motto. 
Rhode Island has also been blessed with more dubious honors, including the worst infrastructure, per mile, in the country. For all of the state's potholed pavement and crumbling bridges, our 15-year anniversary coincided with the discovery of critical deficiencies in local infrastructure, and three decommissioned bridges crossing the same river within a mile of one-another. A record of some kind? Two of those bridges were so beyond repair that they have to be torn down. But, the bridge at Crook Point is a true icon of our city's post-industrial heritage, urban decay, and indomitable spirit. Built in 1908 and abandoned in 1976, this former train bridge has outlived organized corruption, survived arson, and even defied planned demolition. What better mascot for this moment? If you join one of our monthly group rides, there's a good chance we'll pass right by this landmark of Providence's heritage on the way out to the rural roads east of the city. Hope to see ya there!
Printed with white ink on the front and back of lightweight zip-up hooded sweatshirt.
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