Gripper HandleBar Tape

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Environmentally friendly woven cloth handlebar tape that's rugged, resilient, and ready to endure the rigors of a long day on the bike, in any weather. And it's reusable.
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GREPP's woven cloth Gripper is a true lumberjack among handlebar tapes. It's a rugged and resilient hard-worker ready to endure the sustained pressures of a long day at work, in the sun and under the trees. And, just like a lumberjack, it's got unmistakable style. 
Tired of slippery and environmentally unsound plastic handlebar tapes? GREPP set out to reimagine what was possible, and they developed an extremely grippy cloth tape made from 86% modal that's also woven with natural rubber threads (on the backside) to keep it in place, instead of a single-use adhesive. The adhesive-free design also increases the tape's life-cycle and allows for cleaning and re-use.
Width: 27mm (1.06")
Thickness: 1.6mm (0.06")
Weight: ~20 g/m
Wash at 40 °C  
DO NOT use fabric softener 
Use a washing bag
Hang to dry  
DO NOT tumble, dry clean nor bleach 
For that extra peace of conscience, The Gripper is the most planet-friendly handlebar tape on the market. It was designed in the Nordics and is woven in Sweden, where we care much about keeping our nature intact. Instead of the usual adhesive tape, it features natural rubber threads on the bottom side that holds it in place on your handlebars. The adhesive-free design increases the tape's life-cycle: Once it feels a bit tired, you can give it a nice spa treatment. Simply remove it residual-free, give it a spin in your washer, and reuse. Plus: We've invested much time and effort to ensure a traceable supply chain. Most of what's included in the package is produced close to Grepp HQ, in Europe.
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