Flasky the 6oz Stainless Hip Flask

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Be your own rescue dog, with this 6oz stainless hip flask from Surly.
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Hey dude! I’m Flasky—nice to meet you! Wherever I go, people are always saying to me, “Flasky, you’re such a good friend. You keep me warm when I’m cold, keep me loose when I’m tight, and keep me twirling when I should probably be sleeping.”

Hey, I try! But I also want people to know how tough I am! I'm stainless steel, so don’t rust, and I don’t trap flavors like plastic. That way, your gin don’t taste like your juice (unless you want it to). I’m just the right size too; always more than enough but never too much (except sometimes). So yeah, that’s me. Let’s go for a ride, like right now. C’mon, don’t be stuck up.

Stainless steel. 6oz (177ml)

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